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Designer USB Wall Outlets

More power. Less space. Wall outlets with USB charging ports provide added convenience to charge devices efficiently and without needing bulky adapters. Whether you are looking for quick-charging to get you out the door in almost half the time or need a four-port outlet to finish off a charging station for the whole family, Legrand has a variety of USB wall outlets and charging solutions – available in a wide range of stunning colors and finishes. 


Why Choose USB Wall Outlets from Legrand?

Not all USB charging outlets are created equal, so, how can you tell if an outlet with built-in USB charging is worth the investment? It’s all in the details.

At Legrand, our outlets are designed with industry-leading safety features and innovative technology for efficient charging.

Our Top Features and Benefits 

  • Intelligent charging detects and delivers the precise amount of power needed to maximize charging speeds. 
  • Multiple layers of overcurrent protection, ensuring the outlet and your devices can charge at optimal levels without risk of damage. 
  • High-quality design, sourcing and production is backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Indicator light shows charging progress at a glance. 
  • Patented tamper-resistant “invisi-shutter” system prevents improper insertion of foreign objects. 
  • Replace any standard outlet with a USB outlet. 

Types of USB Charging Outlets

Legrand’s extensive collection of USB charging outlets and receptacles meets the needs of any project in the home, offering added protection where it’s needed and multiple tiers of charging rates and capacity.

USB Charging Resources

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