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Secure by Design

Advanced security by design is one of the core pillars of the Wattstopper DLM product line, offering Secure Commission and Secure Control from installation through ongoing use.

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has recognized that Legrand Wattstopper’s Digital Lighting Management system, including wired and wireless solutions, meet the cybersecurity requirements required under DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls V5 (NLC5) technical requirements. The DLC’s Qualified Products List (QPL) includes Wattstopper’s DLM product line which reflects our commitment to meet cybersecurity standards.

For more information on the NLC5 security requirements, click here.

Wattstopper DLM meets the cyber security requirements of Design Lights Consortium NLC5. Search "Wattstopper" on the DLC website to view more details.

Wattstopper secure networked lighting control products also meet the global standard for IoT Security as defined by the ioXt Alliance. The ioXt Pledge consists of 8 universal security principles and the connected products in the DLM and RACCESS offering have been certified to meet all of them:

· No Universal Passwords
· Secured Interfaces
· Proven Cryptography
· Security by Default
· Signed Software Updates
· Automatic Security Updates
· Vulnerability Reporting Program
· Security Expiration Date

Read more about the pledge here.

Navigate to "Ecosystem" and select "Network Lighting Control" to view Wattstopper DLM products.