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Critical Power Monitor by Starline

The Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) is a revenue-grade meter that provides real-time voltage, current, and power data with configurable alarms to ensure operations managers are always the first to know if an issue arises.  The CPM provides one of the widest features set available in a metering platform and can be used in conjunction with Starline Busway or as a standalone solution.

CPM Key Benefits:

  • Real-time Monitoring – The Critical Power Monitor puts actionable data at your fingertips, allowing you to make purposeful energy management decisions.
  • Flexibility – The CPM offers flexibility to operators by supporting multiple protocols running concurrently and allowing users to disable individual protocols. 
  • Security – The CPM provides the latest in IoT security enhancements to ensure your network is always protected. 

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Critical Power Specifications & Features

Busway Integration

The Critical Power Monitor can be integrated into Starline Track Busway end feeds, implemented at the branch circuit level in a plug-in unit, or used as a standalone meter.

BMS/DCIM Integration

The CPM leverages standard Ethernet and serial communication protocols for seamless integration with any BMS or DCIM solution. Standard support protocols include Modbus, SNMP, TCP/IP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH and BACNet.

Integral Webpages

The Starline Critical Power Monitor deploys standard integral web pages to easily configure meter attributes and view real-time data.

Metering Accessories

The Starline CPM is available with optional accessories. From meters for measuring neutral current or temperature, to connectivity for 802.1n Wi-Fi, Starline provides metering accessories to meet your needs.

Resources and Downloads

Critical Power Monitor Applications

End Feed metering provides revenue-quality power data ensuring load-balancing and power capacity information is readily available.

Starline plug-in unit metering was designed to minimize the footprint needed within plug-in units to maximize plug density options for installation.

The CPM standalone meter provides revenue-grading metering capabilities for both new installation and retrofit applications, with both AC and DC voltages available.

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