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Experience the Simplicity of Intelligent Lighting Control

Build brilliant, inspiring spaces with ease using Wattstopper’s comprehensive lighting and shade controls. Create welcoming environments that cultivate productivity, save energy, and prioritize sustainability throughout your buildings’ lifecycle. Invest in your future by choosing Wattstopper. 

Designed to be Better.

Never sacrifice form for function again, no matter how large the scale of your project is. Get smart Lighting Controls that are as beautiful as they are practical, solutions that span rooms, floors, buildings, and whole campuses

Evolve with Digital Lighting Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple systems - DLM is your all-in-one answer. Embrace the future of energy efficiency while enjoying unparalleled customization options. Imagine. A control infrastructure for every switch, outlet, and lighting load, making spaces and buildings more personalized, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Achieve More with Architectural Dimming

Architectural dimming goes beyond basic lighting control; it's about creating engaging environments that are both captivating and energy-efficient. Discover a diverse array of products designed to craft the perfect ambiance for any project. Plus, the platform integrates with our Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system, for unmatched energy performance, customizability, and ease of use.

Secure By Design

Protect yourself with Legrand. Get peace of mind knowing that every product is developed with customer data security and privacy at its core. Invest in a secure product that meets or exceeds all security standards and cybersecurity market demands, including ISO 27001: 2013 and ioXt Certifications, which meet all requirements set forth by the DLC for cybersecurity standards.

Unleash the power of data to drive informed decisions and optimize performance like never before. Elevate your business with actionable insights tailored just for your facility. Discover more about Data Driven Services today!

Unlock the key to energy code compliance with our comprehensive resources! Seamlessly design spaces that exceed energy code standards, ensuring efficiency and sustainability every step of the way.