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Transform open spaces through the power of luminaire level lighting

Gone are the days of a simple “on” and “off” switch – lighting controls must now be intuitive and respond to occupants, time of day, daylight and energy conservation needs. Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC) is a fixture-based lighting control solution that offers capability to control lighting based on occupancy, daylighting, zones, and more. 

LLLC is just as it sounds - incremental lighting control at the luminaire Level. Control of individual fixtures, zones, or groups is possible through our LMFS-601 Integrated Fixture Sensor and Controller that is integrated into fixture housings that can be programmed and operated through an app-based interface. It allows for the ultimate flexibility of high-quality, energy-efficient in lighting your open office, open break areas, or classrooms where space reconfiguration may be common. 

LLLC is completely scalable and is an ideal upgrade from old fluorescent office lighting, or for a brand new build. 
Enhance Occupant Experience

Improve occupant productivity and well-being by customizing light levels based on the time of day.

Achieve Energy Code Compliance

The LMFS-601 includes a passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor and a closed loop photo sensor as well as timing and zoning capabilities which can provide increased energy savings and code compliance. The IECC code allows for luminaire level lighting control in place of manual controls, or alongside manual controls where specific applications like accent lighting or task lighting make sense.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Regulate lighting based on occupant presence within a space, or based on natural light levels within a space. The LMFS-601 measures motion based on occupant presence and daylight contribution to automatically switch or dim lighting.

Ease of Setup

Because LLLC is a networked solution, setup is easy with the DLM Configuration App.