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Optimize Your Data Center Environment

The Raritan Smart Rack Controller (SRC) is an intelligent sensor management solution that serves as a central connection point for environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and other monitoring and security sensors. It addresses gaps in instrumenting a facility by providing a single intelligent device that collects and delivers real-time, actionable data about your facility.

Intelligent Sensor Management Key Benefits:

  • Intelligence – The SRC provides flexibility in monitoring and managing the environment of remote and unstaffed locations where IT equipment is installed by adding a layer of intelligence enabled by a wide variety of sensors.
  • Efficiency - The plug-and-play solution enables operators to measure conditions accurately and quickly from anywhere, providing valuable insights to optimize and drive efficiency in a facility.
  • Convenient – Its multiple interface ports connect, monitor, and manage SmartSensors™, Asset Management accessories, and the SmartLock™ Door System into one device.
  • Dedicated Monitoring Resources – As a stand-alone device, the SRC’s embedded intelligence allows you to dedicate the management and monitoring of sensor resources into one device without needing to rely on or connect back to other rack power distribution devices.

Connect with our product experts today to learn more about our sensor management solution.

Specifications & Features

Optimize Your Environment

Available in 100-240VAC and +/-48VDC power options that connect over 200 plug-and-play sensors to monitor and manage critical environmental conditions.

Receive Advanced Alerts

Define thresholds and receive alerts via SNMP, email, and API when thresholds are crossed for both asset and environmental events.

Small Form Factor Provides Flexibility

Support existing cabinet infrastructure or even mount outside a rack, in an equipment closet, or other areas to make better use of your available space with rack mount or vertical mount orientations.

Compatible with Monitoring Systems

The SRC’s Xerus-enabled open architecture provides ease of integration into any BMS or DCIM monitoring software tools with protocols like SNMP, Modbus over TCP/IP, and JSON-RPI.

Resources & Downloads

Visit Raritan’s website to get a product demo with a sensor management expert and see our SRC Controller in action by visiting the Raritan website.

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