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Ideas and inspiration for bathroom updates

Create the perfect powder room or spa-like haven with thoughtful additions and DIY home improvements.

You can’t hide outlets and switches in the bathroom. So, don’t. The elegant finishes, innovative functionality and clever design of the adorne® and radiant® Collections give your every-day spaces a much-deserved makeover.

Even if you’re not coordinated enough to blow dry your hair, preheat your flat iron and charge your electric toothbrush all at once, it is nice to know your outlet is.

What do you and radiant metallic wall plates have in common? Show-stopping style. Explore statement-making options to fit any décor.

Get stylish, versatile bathroom-ready GFCI outlets from the radiant Collection, designed to exceed safety standards by self-testing every three seconds.

Avoid that did-I-or-didn’t-I feeling after you’ve walked out the door, with motion-sensor switches that automatically turn the lights off for you.