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A Closer Look at the First-Ever GFCI USB Outlet

From features for superior safety to multiple options for convenient USB charging, find out what’s all inside this revolutionary GFCI outlet.

February 1, 2021

Maybe engineers aren’t technically magicians, but sometimes ours get pretty close. Case in point: the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one GFCI USB Outlet.

Now, admittedly, the idea for the device is pretty simple. 

With the number of mobile devices used at home these days, having built-in charging can save people time and frustration. But some of the places where adding a USB Outlet would be most helpful – like kitchens or bathrooms – come with potential complications. Namely, that these areas are required by the National Electrical Code to include ground fault protection. Depending on the details of a home, the required GFCI could complicate or even prevent someone from getting the built-in charging they want exactly where they want it. So, the idea for the GFCI USB Outlet came about as an answer to this conundrum: combine required protection with charging convenience, inside a single product, so people can have it all right within reach. 
But while that might seem straightforward enough, this is actually where things get tricky. 

Because that’s an awful lot of functionality to fit into one electrical box, and a lot of interior components for an engineering team to prioritize, tweak or reposition. For months, our team has been hard at work designing an outlet that merges Legrand’s premier, industry-leading safety features with the advanced charging options modern life demands, and does it without exposing you and your devices to the risk of overheating. They’ve then adjusted and fine-tuned as necessary to still fit it all into a standard 18 cubic inch wall box, and maintain an easy installation.  

It was a tall order, but our engineers pulled off something just shy of magical. And that’s why Legrand, and Legrand alone, can offer all of the following inside one heck of an outlet:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), for code-compliant protection in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, etc. – anywhere an outlet is within six feet of a sink or water source. This monitors the outlet’s electrical currents and recognizes when a ground fault occurs, then cuts power to the outlet immediately, keeping you and your family safe from electrical shock. ​​​​​​​

  • Built-in USB Connections, for accessible charging of two devices at once, without sacrificing a plug or using a bulky adapter. And multiple outlet options are available, giving you the choice of an outlet with traditional USB Type-A connections, the newer USB Type-C connections, or one of each to ensure you’re ready to charge any and all devices.

  • Transformer, for safe and efficient charging of your favorite devices. The included transformer protects your devices from pulling more power than they can handle, by stepping down the voltage from the outlet itself (110V AC) to a safer, lower output (5V DC) that will charge your smartphones and tablets without a risk of damage.

  • GFCI Self-Testing with Patented SafeLock Protection, for ensuring the outlet is always ready to protect you and your family against shock. This outlet, as with all of Legrand’s GFCI Outlets, self-tests at a rate of every 3 seconds (the most frequent self-testing of any solution on the market). If at any time critical components are damaged and ground fault protection is lost, power to the outlet is disconnected. This way you can trust the outlet is doing its part to keep you safe, and also easily tell if a replacement is needed.

  • GFCI Point-of-Use Test/Rest Buttons, for a visual indication of the GFCI’s status, as well as easy access and troubleshooting. If a ground-fault does occur – whether due to a damaged wire or an older appliance – not only does this GFCI Outlet help keep you safe, but it also makes it easy for you to recognize that a trip has occurred and then reset the outlet once the issue has been corrected. No running to the breaker box; just hit the Reset button found on the outlet itself. You can manually test the GFCI there too, with a simple press of the button.

  • Tamper-Resistance, for power access that helps you keep curious young children safe, complete with patented black invisi-shutter system to discreetly prevent the insertion of foreign objects while blending in seamlessly.It was a tall order, but our engineers pulled off something just shy of magical. And that’s why Legrand, and Legrand alone, can offer all of the following inside one heck of an outlet:

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