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Upgrading with USB Electrical Outlets

Here are the best spots to add outlets with USB ports in your home.

July 08, 2019

Upgrading any regular ol’ plug to a new USB wall outlet is a great way to make charging your devices easier and more convenient, installing in as little as ten minutes. But “location, location, location” is a common saying for a reason. Where exactly should you include these handy receptacles to actually benefit your daily life?

​​​​​​​While the specifics obviously vary from home to home — only you can determine your family’s highest use areas — here are a few suggestions for where to add a USB outlet and make a difference.

1. For the nightly recharge on the bedside table.

​​​​​​​ Whether keeping it close for emergencies only, or for the sequence of five alarms it might take to get out of bed on time, chances are your phone is plugged in and within reach while you slumber. But this is likely just one of the items in need of power overnight. Lamps, clocks, speakers, vaporizers, diffusers, white noise machines, fans — from the common to the quirky, you shouldn’t be limited by plug access when it comes to the things that help you sleep easier. Replacing the single-gang plug nearest your nightstand with a USB outlet gives you direct, adapter-less charging for your phone, while keeping standard plugs available for the other devices.

2. Adding a kitchen counter charging station.

Kitchens are the most communally used room of many homes — for the family full of foodies and mini-chefs, as well as for those that have mastered the nightly ordering of take out. With USB wall outlets, design really meets function, resulting in a variety of options available to fit any home or aesthetic. For example, quad USB chargers as well as USB outlets that also include wireless charging are ready-made charging stations tailored to you style and needs without causing clutter or mess to your countertops.

3. At arm’s length from the prime lounging position in the living room.

While phones are naturally the first USB-chargeable device that pops into most minds, they certainly are not the only one found in most homes. Tablets, e-readers, wireless headphones and handheld gaming consoles are all wonderfully portable ways to entertain yourself…until their batteries are running low. A well-placed USB charging outlet in the living room, family room or den (wherever you and your family are most likely to spend downtime) can help ensure the tech you use for some well-earned relaxation can keep going without interruption, thanks to the USB connection just a charging cord’s length away. And, with faster charging options available, you can bet the battery is recharged and ready to hit the road whenever you are.

4. To add a little organizational efficiency in the home office.

If you have a home office, or a computer desk set-up in any other room for that matter, this is an ideal place to include more USB connections. Eliminating the need for adapters helps streamline things in the often overwhelming tangle of cords and cables, and these outlets can also help with serving the wide variety of electronic accessories you may use, with options that include both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connections.

​​​​​​​ Ultimately, with so many USB-chargeable devices coming into the home these days, in-wall outlets to keep them charged have advantages no matter where you place them. But with a little strategy and planning, you can install them in the ideal place to maximize the upgrade while saving you from unnecessary messes, hassles and wasted time.

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