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How to Charge Your Phone Faster

Understand fast USB charging. 

May 07, 2019

​​​​​​​Naturally, we all want the benefits of the fastest charging options available. It's the 21st century. Our phones, tablets and laptops are how we stay connected to the broader world, and to the people we love most. So always having the battery life necessary to reach, and be reached by, our family and friends, coworkers or clients, is crucial. Understanding how fast charging works, and how to make it work for you, will help you select and use faster charging devices for their full advantage.

Basic Background

So, what does fast charging even mean? Simply put, it's all about power. The rate at which a phone (or tablet) charges depends on how much power it can pull. For the most part, the default charging adapter included with your smartphone won't charge it with the highest amperage the phone could manage. With the right charging alternative, however, that same phone could pull more power to improve charging speed. Fast charging devices and receptacles are rated using specifications which allow for significantly increased power levels, while also enabling devices to negotiate for only the power they can handle without the risk of damage. The result is both speed and safety. What a nice combination.

Most phones released in the last few years are capable of fast charging, boasting the capacity to charge to 50% in 30 minutes, but to really maximize their potential you must pair them with the right charging equipment.

Getting up to Speed

What does it take for the perfect charging setup? To start, in-wall USB outlets are superior to adapters and the ports on other devices, like a laptop or desktop computer, when it comes to charging quickly. These convenient solutions eliminate the need for bulky, easily-misplaced adapters, and protect against the growing risk of counterfeit adapters, while ultimately preserving power for the intended device. The more direct the route, the less loss of power as it travels along the USB cable to your phone.

When searching for the speediest in-wall outlets, it’s then important to look for higher amperage receptacles. On today’s market, industry-leading options deliver 6.0 amps of power. These high-achievers can cut the time it takes to charge batteries nearly in half, and can quick-charge two devices simultaneously by providing a full 3 amps of power for each included port.

And even better, you can also select options which include USB C port connections. USB Type-C is beneficial in a variety of ways. To start, its robust standard promises a lot more max power. It was built for greater performance, like the quickest device charging available, yet with a smaller, reversible plug. Also, as more and more devices are being introduced with the Type-C connectors, outlets that include it, either in combination with the traditional USB Type-A or on its own, are better equipped for compatibility with any future devices.

End Notes

While the above covers what type of products can get your phone fully charged the fastest, there are a few final considerations for understanding the current fast charging technology and standards.

As the need for quicker, and more readily available, charging options has grown, the market has flooded with devices that are not properly constructed or tested in regards to the standards for performance and safety. Wanting a faster charge isn’t worth risking a fried phone, so always choose from trusted brands backed by established reputations for quality products and customer service.

Additionally, remember that even the fastest products have to have limits in place to protect your devices. Set your expectations accordingly. Optimal speed will be used up to around 50%, but will then decrease slightly as it works its way to a full battery to ensure a completely safe charge.

Want to start charging faster? Learn more about fast charging USB outlets today.

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