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WattStopper contributes freezer case occupancy sensor to DOE study

SANTA CLARA, CA. November 2009 – WattStopper has participated in a ground-breaking demonstration of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology combined with occupancy sensors in grocery store freezer cases. The project was supported under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting GATEWAY Technology Demonstration Program. WattStopper contributed FS-705 Wide Angle PIR occupancy sensors to the project.

The demonstration, conducted at an Albertson’s grocery store in Eugene, Oregon, involved the retrofit of freezer case fluorescent lighting with LED strip lighting. This lighting was combined with WattStopper’s FS-705 occupancy sensor, specifically designed for applications such as freezer cases where wide angle detection is needed. Prior to this project, the case lighting remained on continuously with no provision for shutoff after business hours. The project revealed substantial energy savings as a result of the LED lighting retrofit, as well as additional savings attributable to the use of occupancy sensors. According to the project team, the lighting upgrade resulted in a 61% savings of the lighting itself. Adding occupancy-based control to turn the LED lights off in individual cases generated an additional 12% savings when compared with the original, uncontrolled fluorescent baseline. Further savings were realized from associated compressor operation reduction. The company’s FS-705 occupancy sensor, used in the demonstration, was specifically engineered for freezer case applications. A low voltage sensor, it provides 180 degree coverage and passive infrared sensing technology. It is designed for locations that benefit from wide angle occupancy detection, such as refrigerator and freezer cases, vending machines and aisleway displays.

“This project demonstrated the viability of LED lighting technology as a way to significantly reduce energy usage in specialty applications, such as freezer cases,” notes Dorene Maniccia, WattStopper Director of Policy and Industry Affairs. “It also demonstrated the additional energy savings achievable from bundling occupancy sensors with the LED lighting. The sensors operated the LEDs at a reduced power level for about one-third of the time and resulted in an additional 12% energy savings.”

For more information on using the FS-705 in freezer case or other applications, contact Andy Davis LEED® -AP, OEM / National Accounts / Energy Services Manager, Andy.Davis@wattstopper.com 


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