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New IP65 Rated High Bay Occupancy Sensor Offers Effective Lighting Control for Wet Location Applications

SANTA CLARA, CA. May 2009 – Watt Stopper/Legrand introduces its new HB350W high bay occupancy sensor, an innovative product engineered specifically for wet locations. The sensor is IP65 rated as well as UL rated raintight (UL244A and UL508). The line voltage sensor offers two different and interchangeable lens options and is part of the company’s offering of fixture-integrated lighting controls.

The HB350W is comprised of a sensor module and a lens module. The sensor accepts 120 or 277V power at 60Hz, and provides up to 800W of power at 120V for ballast or tungsten loads, or up to 1200W at 277V for ballast loads. Via passive infrared (PIR) sensing technology, the sensor detects occupancy and turns controlled lighting on. When the sensor no longer detects occupancy in a controlled space, it automatically turns lighting off. The device features sealed and gasketed lenses as well as a raintight enclosure to ensure wet or damp conditions do not impair sensor performance.

The company developed two different lens options to offer effective lighting control in a wide variety of applications. The HBL3W lens provides 360° coverage of a 24-foot diameter area when mounted at 20-foot heights. The HBL4W lens provides 360° coverage for a 60-foot diameter area at mounting heights of 40 feet. The two lens options are easily interchangeable. An optional HB Extender Module provides additional mounting flexibility. The product is ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor wet locations, such as nurseries and greenhouses, food processing facilities, parking garages, and industrial facilities.


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