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Legrand® Simplifies Human Centric Lighting with New Wattstopper® Tunable Lighting Solutions

Family of products includes advanced tunable light engines, accompanying color control switches and touchscreens, and system flexibility with multiple control options.

PHILADELPHIA, MAY 9, 2017, LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL – Today, Legrand, North & Central America and its Eliot Program unveiled its line of Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solutions at LIGHTFAIR International 2017 in Booth #1841. Products include a range of advanced tunable light engines and accompanying color control switches for the highest quality tunable light available in the industry. The combination of Wattstopper lighting controls and sophisticated tunable light LED driver technology from Lumenetix® delivers advanced lighting systems that are easy to design, install, and control.

Delivering Industry-Leading Quality of Light

With new Blanco and Lumenetix araya5® logic modules, Legrand offers fixture manufacturers and lighting professionals utmost flexibility with a range of light engine choices and multiple control options including 0-10V, DMX, and Digital Lighting Management (DLM) in either zone- or fixture-based configurations. Logic modules being shown include:
  • Blanco 2, a high quality two-channel tunable white solution that combines precision dimming with tunable white and is ideal for classrooms and general lighting applications (tunable range of 3000-5000K).
  • Blanco 3, the wider range three-channel solution adjusts corrected color temperature (CCT) along the blackbody curve across a wide range of color temperatures to precisely replicate natural daylight. This makes it ideal for lighting designers seeking to personalize spaces with customizable white light, such as in healthcare and office applications (tunable range of 2700K – 6500K).
  • araya5 mixes five colors for advanced tunable color at an industry-leading range of color temperatures and is ideal for restaurant, retail, and hospitality applications (1650K-8000K).

Each logic module allows intensity control from 100% lumen output down to 0.1%, as well as lumen and color maintenance ensuring consistent light output throughout the life of the fixture.

Integration of these logic modules and LED arrays with Wattstopper DLM and architectural dimming platforms and products (hardware and software), will offer the most robust digital lighting system available.

Digital Lighting Management

The combination of leading light engines with DLM control brings a new level of simplicity and speed to tunable lighting projects throughout the design, installation, and building maintenance phases. Pairing our light engines with DLM ensures the intuitive controls and easy code compliance that are synonymous with the platform.

Also launching are DLM HCL Lighting Management Switches and interfaces that provide sleek, easy, and intuitive CCT control of fixtures enabled with Blanco and araya5. These switches can be used separately or together for full customization of color temperature. They include:
  • Wattstopper DLM Color Control Preset Switch (LMSW-105-CCT) provides full customization of color temperature. With four preset buttons, users can set and recall preset lighting color temperature scenes. It also includes a rocker button to raise and lower CCT levels. This low-voltage switch is ideally suited for use in healthcare facilities, offices, classrooms, training centers, retail spaces, and other applications where scene-based color temperatures are desired.
  • Wattstopper DLM Color Control Schedule Switch (LMTS-101-CCT) allows users to enjoy the benefits of HCL by automatically adjusting CCT levels throughout the day either on a default schedule or according to user preferences on a custom schedule. The Color Control Schedule Switch enables automatic daylight cycling, which replicates the natural sunrise and sunset cycle based on the building’s geographic location, making seasonal adjustments via an astronomical clock.
  • Wattstopper DLM Network Segment Manager (LMSM and Segment Manager) provides control, monitoring, adjustment, and scheduling of HCL inside of full DLM networks. The color temperature scheduling, together with standard load scheduling, enables automatic on/off as well as daylight cycling, replicating sunrise and sunset for entire buildings and campuses.

DLM’s Plug n' Go™ automatic configuration ensures these switches control CCT channel right out of the box, without any setup or commissioning. Expanded software tools are available with DLM HCL devices, including the Wattstopper LMCS, which features expanded capabilities for advanced configuration. This software tool simplifies installation and easy system management.

Architectural Dimming Platform

Blanco and araya5 logic modules can also be controlled by a variety of Equinox touchscreens and a mobile device app from the Wattstopper architectural dimming platform. Control options for this platform include 0-10V or DMX

Using the Commercial Equinox User Interface on these touchscreens and app makes it even simpler to control lighting, including dynamic white and color temperature applications. The interface features intuitive controls and navigation, and the UI also provides unlimited options for designing a lighting scene or personalized control scenario that adapt to the needs of the space. Technicians can add customer programming, one-button scenes, and other software elements to create the ideal lighting experience with Design Center commissioning software

“Our approach to Human Centric Lighting is to deliver the highest quality tunable solution in a way that is simple and intuitive. We did this by leveraging our expertise with digital lighting control and partnering with Lumenetix to engineer a complete turnkey solution that addresses even the most advanced applications,” said David Dilitkanich, Director of Business Development at Legrand. “As tunable light continues to be specified more frequently, our solution removes complexity at the critical points in a project.”

Legrand Eliot Program

New capabilities in Wattstopper HCL solutions tie to the larger context of Legrand’s Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program in North America. Eliot is a global Legrand IoT program that brings together Legrand's worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment, mobilize Legrand’s capabilities around the world, and speed development of Legrand connected devices wherever the Internet of Things can enhance value for all users

Products, systems, and services under Legrand’s Eliot program, including DLM, adhere to three important principles:
1. The products and solutions must enhance value by simplifying usage, facilitating maintenance.
2. They must be intuitive and easy to install and operate, which is part of Legrand’s DNA.
3. And finally, they must respect the user. Consistent with Legrand values, Eliot products, systems, and services will preserve the confidentiality of user’s data.

These critical principles shape how Legrand is approaching innovation under the Eliot program.

For more information on Eliot, visit legrand.us/about-us/eliot.

To learn more about Wattstopper lighting control solutions, please visit the team at Booth #1841.



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