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Our Vision

We improve lives by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet, with electrical and digital infrastructures and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable.

We are relentless in our pursuit of both sustainable business practices and the creation of exceptional experiences through the products we design and manufacture, the relationships we build and the way we work.
We Seize the Future

By creating tomorrow’s buildings today

By putting sustainability at the core of our growth

By growing the talents that will manage tomorrow’s world

We Embrace Inclusion

By respecting others as they are

By seizing our workforce’s diversity as an opportunity to be a better business

By taking our stakeholders’ diversity as a strength and driver

We Move In Sync

By continually providing added value to our entire ecosystem

By providing the best experience to our customers

By moving forward with our people, brands and partners, driven by a common strategy and a common purpose

We Strive For Simplicity

By fostering authentic human relationships

By promoting transparency and honesty in all that we do

By designing products that are easy to install, use and maintain

We Are Dependable

By combining quality and sustainability in the solutions we deliver

By eliminating our negative impact and having positive impact everywhere we can

By ensuring responsible business practices and meeting our commitments


We believe it is our responsibility to address the major societal challenges of our time. That's why our CSR commitments include reducing our carbon footprint, developing a circular economy, promoting diversity and inclusion and being a responsible business.