Career Development is important – to you and to Legrand. Our goal is to ensure that we have the best processes and tools in place to provide you with professional growth and development opportunities.

Career Development

Legrand supports Career Development through On Going Support and Unique Opportunities. Click on the link below to learn more about the Legrand philosophy regarding Career Development.

 Career Development Brochure

People Development System

People Development System (PDS) is our process for performance and employee development. The investment in this integrated system is focused directly on you and your career, and will ensure that your actions are directly aligned to the goals of the business.

With your manager, you will set goals for the coming year and discuss your future career ambitions. At least twice a year, you will meet with your manager to discuss your performance and development. During the year, you will receive ongoing coaching and feedback.

Our competency model is an integral part of the People Development System. Competencies are the skills, knowledge and abilities required for success at Legrand. Every employee at all levels is held accountable for strengthening their performance to these competencies.

Career Development


Legrand supports learning in several ways. We offer internal classes through our Legrand University and have identified external sources of training to support your development. We offer a generous tuition reimbursement program. At Legrand, we believe that the best learning is through challenging assignments, learning on the job. Your manager will help support your development through identification of roles and assignments that will help build your capabilities.

LEAP: A Managerial Training & Development Program

To better support first line supervisors and managers, Legrand created the LEAP Program -- Leaders Engaged in Accelerating Performance. This program provides the tools and techniques to become the most effective leader possible.

Why Leap?

  • To Garner Support: During LEAP, you will meet with and learn from peers across all Legrand business units. This will help to build your network, enabling you to share best practices and ultimately have a greater expanse of support.

  • To Grow Professionally: By developing and enhancing your leadership qualities, you will be better positioned for career growth, and will have the potential to increase your impact across the organization.

  • To Gain Confidence: Upon completion of the LEAP program, you will gain the confidence you need to face the opportunities and challenges that will arise along the way.

    Download the LEAP Brochure