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A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
Suppliers & Partners Relationships


Legrand believes in sourcing from responsible suppliers who are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

As part of our commitment as a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we have committed to the Ten Principles, of which two address human rights:

Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
Principle 2:  make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Legrand North America is taking steps to ensure it and its suppliers do not participate in human trafficking. We expect that our suppliers, present and future, will abide by applicable laws and regulations.  Legrand North America is not aware of any of its suppliers engaging in slavery or human trafficking and has not received any information suggesting otherwise.  Legrand North America reserves the right to audit any supplier for compliance to applicable laws and regulations and environmental health and safety standards. 

Pertaining specifically to SB 657, Legrand North America

1) does not verify its suppliers to evaluate the risks of human trafficking and slavery;
2) does not conduct audits of suppliers specifically regarding human trafficking and slavery;
3) does not require suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into Legrand products comply with human trafficking and slavery laws for applicable countries;
4) maintains a Code of Ethics which outlines a procedure for reporting unethical behavior, in this case human trafficking and slavery within the supply chain; and
5) does not provide supply chain management employees training on human trafficking and slavery outside of the Charter of Fundamental Principles, which each employee signs upon joining the company. 

You can also read about our other supply chain sustainability commitments here.