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Our pledge to respect human rights, develop skills, and promote equality and diversity

All over the world, Legrand is committed on behalf of its employees and local communities to respecting human rights, diversity, security, health, well-being and safety, and nurturing the talents of each individual.

Legrand Group intends to guarantee, throughout the world, respect for Human Rights. It is also committed to safeguarding the safety and health of all its employees. Legrand also aims to develop the skills of every person and to promote diversity. Additionally, Legrand is is actively working to deepen its engagement with the local communities in which it operates around the world.

In our new three-year CSR Roadmap, we’ve outlined the areas of action which will deepen our commitment to our people and to our communities.

Legrand’s Priorities to Support People:


Respecting the Group’s commitment on human rights

We are committed to respecting the basic human rights and dignity of all our employees. As societies around the globe are struggling to find the right balance between economic prosperity and the common good, it is more important than ever that as a global enterprise, we at Legrand observe the highest standards for employee welfare and equity while pursuing our business goals. In some cases, this means going above and beyond local laws and social norms.

To that end, in this roadmap, our goal is 100% of Legrand facilities respect human rights.

Read our commitment to Human Rights.

Practicing community involvement

In the 2019-2021 roadmap, Legrand Group expanded its charitable giving strategy into each region. Specifically, the goal is to deploy a sponsorship strategy in local communities in 75% of countries where the Legrand Group is present.

The Better Communities program launched in North and Central America in 2014 has been a core inspiration for this priority and has met and exceeded the expectations for this goal three years early, but that doesn't mean our work is complete.

Our Better Communities program, which is focused on Better Homes, Better Schools, and Better Recovery, provides unique opportunities for our employees to get more involved in our local communities. Our program encourages employees to take paid time off (up to 16 hours) to volunteer with one of our community partners, and encourages our businesses to donate products and funds.

Our better communities committee members, site captains and volunteers make this program a success and they take great pride in the homes they have restored, the schools they have improved, and the disaster recovery assistance they have provided - all in quest to better lives in the communities where they live and work. It is anticipated that the program will continue to gain momentum and achieve greater impact aligning with our core competencies as a company.

For Legrand’s commitment in North America to our communities, visit this page.

Deploying best practices on health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees and anyone visiting legrand’s sites remains a constant priority for Legrand. We’re committed to implementing rigorous safety programs at each of our manufacturing, distribution and office sites to reduce workplace accidents and we will be adopting ISO 45001, the global standard for health and safety management, across our organization over the next several years. Specifically, in this roadmap, we seek to reduce the accident frequency rate (with and without time off work) by 20% and implement Legrand Way health and safety rules for 90% of the workforce.

Reinforcing the engagement of Group employees

Legrand owes its long history of innovation and achievement to the creative thinking of all its employees. In order to create the appropriate conditions for a successful business, one that leads to career growth, we believe in increasing opportunities for meaningful engagement among our workforce in a variety of ways. One of the most important, we conduct an employee engagement survey to gather feedback from our team, and we use the survey results to inform our approach to improving employee satisfaction.

As part of our new roadmap, we have adopted a new global benefits program called “Serenity On,” which aims to guarantee Legrand employees a minimum level of social protection in all the countries where the Group is based. This benefits program sets objectives related to parenthood, healthcare and death/disability. Each Group entity is responsible for implementing them locally by 2021.

Within this roadmap, it is our goal to reach a 70% engagement rate among employees and deploy the Serenity On program in 95% of countries where the Group is present.

Visit working at Legrand.



Developing the skills and talents of all employees

Organizations and people thrive when they are growing. Our employees grow through opportunities for education, experience, and exposure. Legrand provides many educational opportunities to our team members. Education comes in the form of online and classroom skills and leadership training; experiences come from projects and new assignments, and exposure comes from mentoring from senior management and initiatives like our Emerging Leaders Program and “Leaders Teaching Leaders” seminars.

Specifically, in this roadmap, we seek at least 85% of employees are trained each year and an individual performance review for more than 90% of managers.



Encouraging diversity at work

Our success is grounded in the belief that diversity in technology, innovation—and above all, people—is our core strength. That’s why we welcome your enthusiasm, imagination, drive, and ingenuity—and give you the tools you need to become an innovator in your field.

Legrand believes that a diverse workforce is a more engaged workforce and that diversity fosters greater innovation. Over the next three years of the roadmap and beyond, we will increase our focus on building a diverse and dynamic talent pipeline of future leaders who bring new ideas and perspectives to our team.

Our roadmap goal is 20% more women in management jobs.

For more about our women’s empowerment programs, visit elle@Legrand