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Legrand is a proud sponsor of the HGTV Smart Home 2017
Taking its cue from nature, the HGTV Smart Home 2017 was constructed using a variety of stone, metal, wood, leather and glass materials. Switches, dimmers and outlets from the adorne and radiant collections complement the home's architecture and desert-modern design.
Kitchen HGTV Smart Home | Bath HGTV Smart Home | Living
HGTV Smart Home | Dining Bedroom


A beautifully designed home required lots of attention to detail. Watch the video to see how switches and outlets from the adorne and radiant collections transformed the HGTV Smart Home 2017.

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the adorne collection

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the radiant collection
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"Legrand outfitted the whole house with the radiant and adorne collections of smart technology. Their designs add style to every room of the house, you’re no longer committed to plastic white standard outlets and switches."
-Kelli & Kristi, Bloggers,
"The Legrand light switches and outlets throughout the home not only compliment and blend in with the design, but they bring in modern conveniences. The Wi-Fi ready switches are part of their app based lighting control. Can you even believe it? There is literally an app for that!"
-Carmel Phillips, Blogger,
"I have been outdone by the the adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting & Power System. Talk about marrying form and function. This phone cradle is awesome. Under the cabinets, there is an entire system offering ample power, lighting, USB charging, and bluetooth music. It’s completely out of sight and I’m so envious! "
-Courtney Fernan, Blogger,
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