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adorne under-cabinet lighting system 20/20 design

20/20 design system for adorne

A recipe for kitchen magic

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How to Specify the System

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System is a fully customizable and modular solution for eliminating kitchen clutter. It is compatible with any kitchen layout, such as a galley, L-shaped, or U-shaped, as well as with any home wiring. In order to ensure you have specified the correct products for your system, we recommend you follow the steps outlined below. Or, click here to download pdf instructions.

Step 1. Planning your system layout
Step 2. Selecting the control box and power options
Step 3. Selecting the LED lights
Step 4. Choosing accessories to complete the system

Step 1

Planning your system layout

First, determine where you want to install the system. Then measure your cabinets to determine the length of Modular Track required:

Measure each cabinet length at back of cabinet.

For installations with a corner, allow 3" on each side for Corner Connector.

When totaling up the length of required Modular Track, be sure to include the length of the desired Control Box or Direct Wire Connector. For a 1-gang box, allow 5". For a 2-gang box, allow 5.25". For Direct Wire Connector, allow 6".

If your selection of Modular Tracks does not match the exact length of your cabinets, you can use a Modular Track Extender to complete the track. This piece can be cut down to 6". Standard 12", 18", and 27" Modular Tracks cannot be shortened.

Refer to the sample installations pictured below for more detailed information.

 sample installation 1

 sample installation 2

 sample installation 3

Step 2

Selecting the control box and power options

Next, select the type of lighting and power connection you’d like to include. For a simple install, the Plug-In Control Box provides the easiest solution. For a hardwired installation, there are five options to choose from which enable expanded lighting control options such as dimming:

• Control Box with Paddle Dimmer

• Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and GFCI protection

• Control Box, 1-Gang (No Devices)

• Control Box, 2-Gang (No Devices)

• Direct Wire Connector

For hardwired installations, there must be three separate circuits from the electrical panel:

• Receptacle Circuit: 20 Amps; GFCI-protected; Use #12 wire

• Lighting Circuit: 15 Amps; Use #12 or #15 wire

• Accessory Circuit: 15 Amps; Use #12 or #14 wire

hardwired control boxes

Step 3

Selecting the LED lights

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System is only compatible with adorne LED lights. These are available in Puck and Linear versions. Recommended placement for lights is every 18" along Modular Track.

You can select any combination of Puck and Linear lights to complete your system. In addition, if you are mounting a light under the cabinet and wish to move it further to the front of the counter, you can use the LED Light Extender. This enables you to increase the length of any light from the Modular Track from a standard 11" to up to 22". This is especially useful in corner installations.

Puck Light Linear Light Light Extender

LED Puck Light


LED Linear Light 

Light Extender

Step 4

Choosing accessories to complete the system

The final step is to select the accessories to perfectly complement your system. adorne offers a range of options, including USB charging ports, mobile and tablet cradles, and a Digital Music Kit. Each of these accessories provides flexibility in that it can be added or removed at any time – simply swap it with an existing outlet or blank module to increase your system capabilities. For more detail on accessories, click here.

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