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Choose from an array of innovative adorne outlets that were designed with your devices, room setup and smart technology in mind, and explore options to customize color and size.
Half USB White Outline
A USB outlet to directly charge smartphones and other devices.
Available In:
Starting at $25.48USD
Pop Out Outlet
An innovative outlet that can be hidden when not in use. 
Available In:
Starting at $50.48USD
2-Gang Pop Out Outlet
An innovative outlet that can be hidden when not in use. 
Available In:
Starting at $56.98USD
TR Outlet White
A stylish outlet featuring two smartly spaced plugs.
Available In:
Starting at $4.58USD
TR-3 Module Outlet White
A larger standard outlet made for plugging in larger items like hair dryers.
Available In:
Starting at $5.48USD
Plus Sized Dual USB Outlet
A larger USB outlet with two receptacles and two USB ports to charge smartphones and other devices.
Available In:
Starting at $41.98USD
TR-GFCI Outlet White
A stylish outlet for kitchen, bathroom and outdoor spaces that require wet location safety features.
Available In:
Starting at $36.78USD
Outlined Energy Outlet White 15A
A classic outlet that lets you stop power flow and save energy when not in use.
Available In:
Starting at $24.13USD
Plug in to stay smart and gain even more control over your lighting with a Wi-Fi ready outlet that pairs with adorne Wi-Fi ready remote switches.
WiFi Outlet

A Wi-Fi ready outlet that allows for control over a table or floor lamp from a new location.

Available In:
Starting at $37.98USD
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about other adorne collection products? Check out our full FAQ here.

What is the depth of adorne switches, dimmers, and outlets?

Most adorne switches, dimmers, and outlets (except the Pop-Out Outlet) fit in a standard wall box.  You can find specific device dimensions in the product catalog. Click here to request a free catalog download.

What can I plug into the outlets, GFCIs, and USBs?

The same appliances, devices that you are currently using can be plugged into adorne products. adorne product provide the same functionality as tradition products.

What is the difference between standard and plus sized outlets?

Plus sized outlets allow more space to plug in larger items such as chargers.  These larger outlets must be paired with an adorne 1-Gang Plus wall plates, such as the one shown here.

What is the difference between 15A and 20A outlets?

The 15A outlet is the most commonly installed outlet in a house. A 20A outlet is only required if it is for a specific appliance known to use over 15 amps of current. To install a 20A outlet the wire needs to be at least a 12 gauge wire or larger, a 15A outlet requires at least a 14 gauge wire or larger. Outlets that are 20A are most commonly found in kitchens, dining areas, laundry rooms, garages, and bathrooms.