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"Light switches should not be an after thought, but rather an integral part of the design, because the details DO matter."
-Jeanne Chung, interior designer from the blog Cozy Stylish Chic
"(Of the Pop-Out Outlet): With a black and white option, square shape and disappearing act when they’re not in use, these look like a great option to have in a dream kitchen file."
-House Beautiful
"The plates we chose are sleek and feel really high end. I feel like it’s upgraded the whole space with such a simple detail."
-Rachel, designer behind Pencil Shavings Studio
"If you thought wall plates couldn’t be beautiful then think again."
-Kayla Kitts, Design Happens HGTV blog
"We couldn't believe the difference it made in the overall look and functionality of our kitchen space."
-Erin Ashley Kelly, A New Bloom
"Travelers nowadays have to plugged in; they have to be connected. We have a lot of the [adorne] double gang USB outlets integrated into our mill work. It's simple and elegant. It has a lot of custom capabilities that makes my life a lot easier. It makes me less stressed out in my space."
-Katrina Kostik Senior Designer, designONE studio
"I think the attention of detail, that sets them [Legrand] apart, the great design, and the really really excellent designs. We like that it's integrated into our casegoods, this is something we are always trying to hide, but the adorne collection, you really want to display it."
-Anna Dis Sveinbjorndottir Interior Desinger, CDA Interiors, LEED AP
"You immediately know that you're somewhere that respects design... For the nightstand fixture, the combination of the outlets and the USB, you might forget your charger part but you have your cable and having both those options is really important."
-Michelle Espeland Interior Design Leader, Cunningham Group
"You can push the envelope in regards to design, and I think that's important with designers. And I think that's important with designers, to be able to bring that down to the details. You can't do that with any other electrical outlet products."
-Michelle Espeland Interior Design Leader, Cunningham Group
"Today's tools, they're all electronic: tablets, smart phones – in our space any way someone might want to work there's a device. Because of the choice of finishes, the versatility of the devices, the USB ports, and so forth makes it just a great thing."
-Antonio Donato Designer, Nelson
"Edge cutting, it's fun, being able to customize it [wall plates and receptacles] is really great. This now is becoming jewelry on the wall. It's a great opportunity to call your eye to something that you need but let it be pleasant to look at. The wide variety of finishes and materials they offer allow for a designer to be more creative."
-Bob Sowell President/Partner, Destination Designs, LLC

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