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Hard Wall Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Legrand’s engineered to order aisle containment systems provide a full complement of airflow management accessories and cable management accessories to deliver more customization and control for any data center infrastructure need. Our industry leading designs provide exceptional performance and ensure valuable IT assets are housed in the best possible environment. Our hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions are constructed to deliver strength and flexibility.


The Hard Wall panels are built-to-order based on specific site measurements, reducing the number of on-site modifications that may be required. The full solution includes sliding end-of-row doors, overhead panels, filler panels for missing cabinets, drop-away roof panels, and clear polycarbonate panels for a complete system.


Components of Hard Wall System



Cabinet Filler Panels

Our Vertical Cabinet Filler Panels can fill any space in a cold or hot aisle left by situations such as missing cabinets, vertical structural beams, and non-standard aisle layouts.


Ceiling Suspended Panels

Ceiling Suspended Overhead Panels are constructed with unique tracking system that can be mounted to various ceiling structures. Twinwall panels are inserted to the ceiling mounting track and are completely independent of the cabinets below.


Drop Away Panels

These panels make up a drop-panel roof system which is deployed in the event of a fire. These panels drop out of their frames when the temperature reaches 135° F which allows the fire suppression system to fully distribute suppressant.


Sliding or Swinging Doors

Dual or Single doors are available in either sliding or swinging configurations to meet the needs of your space. The doors are designed to seal off the end of the aisle


Overhead Panels

The Cabinet Supported Overhead Vertical Panels are an ideal solution for the overhead containment of hot (or cold) aisles. This panel connects to the top of the cabinet and the ceiling using brackets or a ‘U’ channel.

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