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Netatmo® Home Automation Devices

Availability Announcement

Thank you for your interest in Legrand’s Netatmo home automation products. As of October 2023, we have stopped the sale of Netatmo home automation products on this website, including our smart door and window sensors, outdoor cameras, indoor air quality monitors and more. Legrand’s existing Smart Lighting with Netatmo offering remains available and is a separate offering from the products affected here. 

The Netatmo home automation products are still available for purchase from our global Netatmo site, but are no longer being offered on this site. 

Below you will find a list of impacted items, as well as supporting resources and information for existing customers: 

Product Name  

Product SKU 

Netatmo® Smart Door and Window Sensors 


Netatmo® Smart Video Doorbell 


Netatmo® Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor 


Netatmo® Additional Smart Indoor Module 


Netatmo® Smart Outdoor Camera 


Netatmo® Smart Outdoor Camera With Siren 


Netatmo® Smart Rain Gauge


Netatmo® Weather Station Shield 


Netatmo® Smart Anemometer 


Netatmo® Mount For Wind Rain Gauge 


Should you have any questions, please reach out to your Legrand sales representative, or contact the Customer Support team at customer.support@legrand.com. Legrand will offer ongoing technical support and customer service, including inquiries regarding Netatmo product warranties, replacements, exchanges and returns.  

For more information on Netatmo Home Automation products visit netatmo.com.