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Reliable Pathway Power with Cable Bus 

We have been listening when it comes to power pathways – and you told us exactly what you need on the jobsite. Thanks to your feedback, we developed a pathway solution designed with your jobsite needs in mind. Legrand Cable Bus is a reliable, highly modular pathway solution designed to help you efficiently route multiple sets of parallel conductors within a compact area, all while maintaining free air ampacities. 

What is Cable Bus?

Legrand Cable Bus is the easiest, most contractor-friendly modular pathway you can find with a greater flexibility on the jobsite that our competitors can’t beat. Constructed from our  dependable ladder tray components, Cable Bus handles heavy-powered electrical currents while ensuring safe and reliable power transmission – all while accommodating ampacities of 3000, 4000 or 6000 amps.

Features & Benefits

Built-in Field Adjustability

Eliminates custom design fittings with long lead times for greater contractor flexibility on the job.