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Cable Management for Data Centers

 For large data center projects, there’s no better cable management solution than Cablofil® wire mesh cable tray coupled with Cablobend™ Systems.* Wire mesh cable tray is the preferred cable management solution for data centers, as an open system allows for easier installation and future changes. The tray is designed to securely hold large cables, including fiber optic cables, to ensure system integrity without downtime. For the fastest installation in the industry, combine wire mesh cable tray with Cablobend to quickly create the bends and drops you need. Zero cutting required. Simply stretch and bend the flex wires a maximum of 4” at any location to fit configurations up to 90° horizontally or vertically. Trim each drop down from 4 hours to 15 minutes. *Cablobend is U.S. Patent Pending.

Take a closer look at the game-changing product, Cablobend, designed for fast, flexible cable tray installation.

Build a reliable data center with Legrand’s wide range of connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable managements, power and cooling systems.

Request more information about Cablobend Systems for your next project, whether it's a data center or another commercial space.

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