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Electrical Fasteners

Electrical fasteners and prefab components for everyday applications.

Our electrical fasteners and components are designed to get you on and off of the job-site in record time. J-Hooks, spring steel clamps, prefab components, seismic bracing, and CabloPort rooftop supports are just a few examples of products that reduce labor, increasing your bottom line. Each product is designed for easy installation and is constructed of quality materials that make for a lasting installation. Cablofil electrical fasteners and components are perfect for branch wiring in these project types:

• Hotels
• Office Complexes
• Condominiums
• Hospitals
• Government Buildings
Product Categories

Each of the Electrical Fasteners products are designed with quality materials for optimum performance in any installation.

Branch Circuit Wiring
Choose a solution for branch circuit wiring
Explore your options, including our EZE-Fab prefab assemblies that boost productivity by 200%