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Commercial Shading Solutions

The studies are countless, the proof unequivocal: we work and live better when closer to daylight. Then why do traditional commercial windows and shades divide people and the environment? We think differently at Legrand. Our commercial shading creates synergy with the outside and allows occupants to program their shades to follow the day. Our shading products tame daylight and ensure “sustainability” is no longer a mere buzzword. With precise, programmable controls and clean, eye-catching aesthetics, commercial shading from Legrand allows you to design brilliant spaces that foster productivity, reduce energy costs and meet building sustainability standards. Put your space in its most beautiful light.

Shades that move to your schedule to maximize occupant comfort and building efficiency. Pair with lighting controls from Legrand for total control of natural and artificial light in your space.

An energy and cost-efficient solution, manual roller shades provide smooth operation and manual tug control. Occupants can control glare while accessing daylight and outdoor views.

In an office environment, having access a window view, more daylight and less glare are all associated with better worker performance.

A study on daylighting and student performance revealed that students with access to a daylit classrooms progress up to 21% faster year-to-year than those in non-daylit classrooms.