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Introducing DLM Shades

With our new Digital Lighting Management shades from Legrand, you can control daylight in your commercial spaces like never before.  Available in an array of over five hundred fabrics, our easy to install shades reduce the cost and complexity of installing automated shades. And even better, they integrate seamlessly with our Wattstopper DLM lighting controls.  Take full control of your next project with Legrand’s integrated lighting and shading system designed to help you Seize the Daylight simply, affordably, and beautifully.
Seize the daylight.

When natural and artificial light work together, the benefits are unmatched. Access to natural light not only saves energy, but empowers occupants to lead healthier, more productive lives. Create the perfect light in your commercial space with DLM Shades.

A product family designed together.

Legrand’s integrated lighting and shading system is the only solution designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly. Our new Wattstopper DLM Shades operate in perfect tandem with our Wattstopper DLM lighting controls, doing away with clunky, after-the-fact “black box” interfaces.

Automation for all.

By reducing complexity, we’ve reduced cost so that every project, whether a commercial office, campus, or healthcare facility, can benefit from automation. By adding automated shading, you’ll provide optimal daylight throughout the day keeping occupants happy and productive.

Get started with DLM Shades.