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Explore a Wide Selection of Versatile KVM Accessories

Raritan offers a full suite of KVM and Serial accessories to help maximize the functionality and manageability of your KVM switches.  Accessories including User Stations, DVI extenders, computer interface modules (CIMs) improve the functionality of your environment, while devices such as converters, adapters, emulators, cables, and rackmount brackets ensure that your Raritan KVM is the perfect fit.

KVM and Serial Accessories Key Benefits:

  • Increased Return on Investment –KVM and Serial Accessories increase the productivity and benefits of your Raritan KVM Switches, increasing ROI.
  • Realize your KVM Switches’ Full Potential - Our KVM switches support a wide variety of target devices, configurations, and functions; by adding accessories, you enable their full value.
  • Configure and Customize to Your Specific Needs – Using our Accessories, you can customize and tailor the Raritan switches to your unique needs and challenges.

Our global team of KVM and Serial experts are here to support your unique requirements. Connect with us today to inquire or request a quote regarding our KVM and Serial products.


Specifications & Features

Consolidated High Performance Access for Broadcast and Control Rooms

With the Dominion KX User Stations, you can productively access remote computers connected to the Dominion KVM-over-IP switches, and equipment connected by RDP, VNC, VMware with serial access.

Manage Serial Devices - with Your KVM Switches!

You can remotely manage and control serial devices such as LAN switches, routers, and Linux servers using the Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM) connected to your Dominion LX II, KX III or KX4-101 KVM-over-IP Switches.

BIOS-level Access for the Widest Range of Equipment

Raritan has the broadest range of Computer Interface Modules (CIM) to connect to and provide anytime/anywhere, BIOS-level access, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, USB and PS/2.

Support Your Unique and Custom Needs

Our KVM Switches can support your unique and custom needs, by engineering our KVM switches into your environment via KVM extension, adapters, cables, rack mount brackets and more.

Resources & Downloads

Explore Our KVM and Serial Accessories