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The Most Customizable Cabinet In Market

Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments, the LX platform has over 750 cable management, mounting, and airflow accessories. From Core to Edge and Multi-Cloud data centers, the LX provides a scalable, custom foundation to build your server, network, storage, or converged infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility – The number of accessories and configurations available offer limitless possibilities to craft purpose-built solutions that meet the needs of any application.
  • Efficiency – The tool-less feature allows for easier equipment changes, reducing time for installation or removal.
  • Security – A patented security hinge and various locking options provide maximum security and prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Sustainability – The fully welded design provides a tighter seal and optional airflow management accessories help improve your data center efficiency.

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LX Cabinets Specifications & Features

Cable Management

The LX platform is engineered to support dense cable management applications and support the need growing need for multiple access and regress points. A selection of tool-less accessories makes configuring and reconfiguring the cabinet fast, easy, and efficient.

Thermal Management

Airflow integrity starts with fully-welded steel the LX frame. Unlike bolt-together or spot- welded designs, fully-welded steel construction prevents airflow leakage and improves efficiency. LX can be fitted with bottom airflow skirts and other "blanking" accessories to block air leakage around the cabinet, installed equipment, or in empty RU spaces.

Top Panels

The LX modular top panel design can accommodate cable access from front, center, and rear portals. All cable openings are designed to protect data and power cables from sharp edges while self-filling voids to prevent bypass airflow. Extra-large openings are available to accommodate high amperage, pin, and sleeve style power connectors.

Integrated Close-Coupled Cooling Solution

The LX is designed for applications that utilize close-coupled cooling solutions such as in-row cooling or rear door heat exchangers. Adaptations are available for most leading OEM providers of close-coupled solutions.

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