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Hide TV Cables: Easy On-Wall Solution

Hide TV Cables.

Easy on-wall solution.

Hide flat screen TV cables on the wall with the Wiremold® Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit.

Hanging cords and cables are an ugly distraction. When running cables in the wall isn't an option, the Wiremold Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit does the job. The kit provides an easy, do-it-yourself solution to give your home theater the finishing touch you're looking for. Screw-in, snap-on, paint and enjoy the show!
Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit
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Steps By Step Instructions

Step 1
From the center of the wall-mounted flat screen TV, measure the length for the drop. Add at least 1" to extend cover behind the TV.
Step 2
Mark and cut the Cord Cover. Using the base, mark locations for wall anchors (included) and fasten Cord Cover base to the wall with the included screws.
Step 3
Lay cables over the base in a flat pattern. Snap the first 6-12" of cover onto the base, slide cover behind the flat screen TV before snapping the rest of the cover in place.
Step 4
Paint cover with latex wall paint to blend with wall color.
Hide TV Cables In-Wall
The Wiremold Flat Screen TV Cord and Cable Power Kit runs power and hides cables in-wall with no electrical wiring! Installs in under 30 minutes.
Hide TV Cables In-Wall with Soundbar Mount

Hide the wires for your TV inside the wall with the Wiremold In-Wall Power Kit with Soundbar Kit.

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