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Connectrac Flex and ModPower System for Powering Reconfigurable Commercial Spaces

Change your space freely. Keep all the power you need. In commercial buildings, space reconfiguration is almost an everyday occurrence. With many classrooms and workspaces, flexibility is the top priority for facilities that need to accommodate different needs. Power access shouldn’t be difficult. By combining the ModPower System™ with the Connectrac Flex Raceway System®, you can run power across the floor and up to desktops or tables. If things need to switch around, changing is no problem. Simply move tables as needed. The ModPower System can be unplugged and flow with the changing furniture, while the Flex Raceway System can be customized quickly with easy snap-in interchangeable power devices.

Connecting Flex and ModPower is simple.

1. Install Flex for under carpet tile or on top of any floor surface.
2. Install ModPower units as desired on top of desks or tables.
3. Set up Flex interchangeable devices however you need.
4. Simply plug the ModPower units into the Flex interchangeable devices.
5. To move, unplug the ModPower units. Shift furniture as needed. Swap out Flex devices if necessary to accommodate the new space layout.
6. Plug the ModPower units back into the Flex interchangeable devices.
7. Repeat as often as your space requires.

Watch our video to see the system in action.