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GFCI Receptacles

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GFCI Receptacles

The Advantages of Point-of-Use Ground Fault Protection

Meet code, reduce callbacks, and best serve your customers, with point-of-use ground fault protection.

With the 2014 and 2017 National Electrical Code requiring all kitchen and laundry circuits to have arc fault and ground fault protection, contractors have two options for compliance – a dual-function AFCI/GFCI breaker, or pairing an AFCI circuit breaker with a GFCI receptacle at point-of-use, wired to extend protection to all regular outlets downstream. But it is only the latter option which meets code while bringing additional advantages through easier troubleshooting and faster resets.

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Location Matters

Due to accessibility in the room or area involved, as well as a helpful indicator light on the GFCI receptacles, homeowners can easily identify when there is an issue, and handle resetting simple trips themselves – without contractor callbacks due to avoidable confusion at the breaker box. Offering this greater convenience, as well as added safety through the most comprehensive of self-testing, the use of GFCI receptacles is the preferred code-compliant solution for over 80% of homeowners.

And with Pass & Seymour’s legacy of innovation and quality in GFCI outlet technology, our GFCI receptacles are the safest, most reliable solution to help you satisfy code and customer, and save yourself time.

Safety Solutions For Any Space

Commercial GFCI Outlets
With a range of solutions for any commercial project, our GFCI receptacles are designed to enhance safety, shorten installation times, and increase productivity on the jobsite.
Healthcare GFCI Outlets
Meet the rigorous demands for code compliance, while protecting staff and patients, with our Hospital-Grade GFCI Receptacles.
Residential GFCI Outlets
GFCI receptacles installed in the living space make it easy to see and reset ground fault trips when they happen – more accessible protection for homeowners and fewer callbacks for contractors.
Give homeowners what they want
More than 80% of homeowners prefer GFCI outlets over dual function circuit breakers.
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