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Crawford Electric Case Study

Crawford Electric: Cultivating Creative Collaboration

The Challenge:

Cultivating creative and collaborative workspaces that ignite innovation is essential to the success of any business. And that’s exactly what the team at Crawford Electric Supply wished to accomplish when they moved into their new headquarters in vibrant Houston, Texas. “We wanted to transform our new building into a truly state-of-the-art facility where people would be excited to hold meetings,” explains Geoffrey Fortner, Crawford’s Facilities Manager. 

The vision for the renovated and expansive 48,900-square-foot facility included cutting-edge amenities such as state-of-the-art customer training facilities and an integrated counter and warehouse. However, the headquarters’ most appealing feature was to be the numerous collaboration areas sprinkled generously throughout the building to help foster creative collaboration among Crawford’s 100-plus associates who were to call the new facility home.

To bring this vision to life, the Crawford team needed versatile power and lighting solutions that could address unique design challenges. They needed power solutions that could support groups of people in a large training room, deliver point-of-use power to collaborative seating areas and equip six counter workstations with overhead power. The solutions also had to seamlessly blend into the facility’s interior design with a “hidden” minimalistic aesthetic. 

The Solution:

To create their new collaborative workspaces, the team at Crawford handpicked a suite of cutting-edge power and lighting solutions from Legrand that transformed their creative vision into a reality. 

In the meeting and training rooms, the future-forward Connectrac Flex® and customizable ModPower™ solutions were installed. Associates no longer needed to hunt for inconvenient wall power outlets. They could now work wherever and however as the new solutions brought convenient and flexible power right where the associates needed it most – all with a design that complemented the surrounding décor.

The new Collaboration Area was fitted with a trio of dynamic power and data solutions. The versatile Connectrac Flex was once again installed to bring reliable power to open spaces away from the walls. Stylish deQuorum™ flip-up boxes were thoughtfully placed in tables and surfaces, ensuring convenient access to power right at the point of use. Sleek dash™ Power Towers were strategically placed throughout to enhance the space with additional access to power delivered in a modern design. With these new power solutions, associates were no longer tethered to limiting traditional wall outlets but now had the freedom to power up their devices wherever needed – making the space truly synergetic.
To deliver overhead power, Cablofil® wire mesh trays were installed in the facility’s open ceiling to efficiently maximize space while maintaining a clean, professional appearance. Stylish black Tele-Power poles were fitted for the warehouse counters to bring outlets right to where they were needed for retail operations.

As a final touch, all spaces were fitted with Pinnacle lighting designs to curate the perfect ambiance for creative conversations.

The Result: 

Installing the products proved quick and easy, taking only a short two to three weeks to complete full installation. The project resulted in a virtually invisible power solution for the training and collaboration areas that can support large groups of people with reconfigurable, off-wall power and data. As a final challenge, the new solutions were put to the test during several large group presentations and a product showcase – and delivered superior power and lighting as promised. 

Thanks to Legrand’s suite of solutions, Crawford’s renovated facility spaces are flexible, reconfigurable and adaptable – making them collaboration-ready for whatever innovative ideas Crawford’s associates may explore next. 

About Legrand

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and network infrastructure solutions. Legrand transforms spaces where people live and work and delivers access to power, light and data to millions of spaces around the world. Earn AIA/CES credits through our approved AIA courses. Click here.

To learn more, visit: legrand.us/solutions/future-office

About Crawford

Crawford is an electrical solutions provider that supplies industry professionals with the tools and equipment needed to power their communities. Established in 1990 and headquartered in Houston with branches across Texas and Louisiana, Crawford has grown to become a trusted business partner. 

To learn more, visit: https://www.crawfordelectricsupply.com/