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From Messy to Managed: A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing an EV Cable Management Solution

December 2023

As more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the road, the need for effective EV infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Part of a robust EV infrastructure ecosystem includes organized and accessible EV cable management. A cable management solution not only ensures safety for both end-users and station owners but also extends the lifespan of your charging equipment.

However, not all EV cable management solutions are the same. Below, we explore the main features and benefits you want to keep in mind while browsing for the solution that will best fit your station and its customers. 

Think Safety First

When it comes to effective EV cable management, safety should be top of mind. Unorganized cables are more than just an eyesore – they are potential tripping hazards for anyone attempting to use or maintenance the station. 

A high-quality EV cable management solution will eliminate these dangerous tripping hazards and safely store your charging cables when not in use. When researching potential solutions, keep these safety features in mind:
•    Off-Ground Cable Storage: Eliminate dangerous tripping hazards and other potential accidents by selecting a solution that stores your station’s charging cords off the ground when not in use. This may include accessories such as cable hooks, holders, storage compartments or retractor assemblies.  
•    Protected Electrical Panel: Your cable management solution should have an electrical panel that is easily accessible, but also adequately protected from the elements. 

Did You Know?

Legrand’s EV Cable Management Pedestal features an innovative retractor assembly that effortlessly keeps your charging cables off the ground when not in use.

Application Compatibility

The EV charging needs of each application are different and unique. Because of this differentiation, not all EV cable management solutions are the same. Do you need a cable management solution for an apartment complex? Or a corporate workspace? Or perhaps for guests staying at a hotel? You want to select a solution with a product design that is just right for your application’s specific needs and that truly accommodates your unique end-users.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the product design of cable management solutions:
• Charging Station Usage: Will you have multiple end-users needing to charge at the same time? Applications with simultaneous charging needs may require a different design than an application where single charging sessions are the norm.
• Vehicle Positioning: How close or far away will a vehicle need to park to use your charging station? Will the vehicle need to park behind, on the side or in front of your station?
• Scalability: How many charging stations do you currently have on your property? How many charging stations do you plan to have on your property in the future?
• Enhanced Aesthetics: You should never have to sacrifice form for function when it comes to your cable management solution. The right solution will efficiently organize your charging station while complementing and elevating the overall look of your property.

Ease of Use

The right EV cable management solution should make the charging experience hassle-free for both you and your end-users. The equipment should be easy to find and simple to secure and store away in between uses. 

Here are a few tips to consider when evaluating a cable management solution’s usability: 
• Cable Length and Flexibility: Find a solution that best accommodates the length of cable your station needs to use to reach the charging vehicle or vehicles. For example, some charging stations in commercial applications use 21-foot cables for extra flexibility to reach vehicles parked in a variety of positions and distances from the charger.
• User-Friendly Design: Select a solution that makes it easy for end-users to retrieve, store and secure the charging cables when not in use. Features such as hooks and retractable assemblies help to keep your cables off the ground. 
• Accessible Charging Ports: It’s important to protect your cables, but you want to also protect your charging connectors. Make sure your cable management solution has storage options for the actual charging connectors and that they are easily accessible to end-users.

Did You Know?

Legrand’s EV Cable Management Pedestal is about 7 feet tall and can easily accommodate the longer 21-foot charging cables for added flexibility.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing your EV cable management solution should be simple and straightforward. Ongoing maintenance should also be hassle-free with product features that make taking care of your EV charging equipment easy and convenient. 

Here are some features to consider when thinking about installation and maintenance for your cable management solution:
•    Ease of Installation: Opt for a solution that is easy to install and offers a streamlined setup. 
•    Ongoing Maintenance: Consider features that will make taking care of your solution easy, such as access panels for quick accessibility to electrical components. 
•    Durable Materials: Your cable management system should be made from durable, weather-resistant materials that can survive extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. 

Did You Know?

Legrand’s EV Cable Management pedestal features an easy access panel that protects electrical wiring while providing easy access to ample space for stress-free installation and maintenance.

Brand Reputation

You want to put your cables in the right hands. Not just in the hands of your end-users, but also in the hands of a brand you trust when it comes to streamlined cable management. Not all brands have the same level of EV expertise when it comes to designing and supporting solutions that transform an EV station experience. 

Here are a few tips and questions to keep in mind when researching brands that manufacture EV cable management solutions:
•    Reputation: Does the brand have a good reputation in the EV industry? What are others saying about this brand?
•    Expertise: How long has the brand been in the electrical wiring industry? How long have they been in the EV charging space?
•    Future-Vision: EV is a rapidly evolving market. Does the brand show signs of consistent innovation?
•    Customer Satisfaction: Is there evidence of positive customer feedback and reviews? What are other customers saying about this brand?

Did You Know?

At Legrand, we know power and we know charging. With our legacy of electrical wiring expertise that dates back more than 130 years, and the forward-facing vision that keeps our world-renowned brands innovating for tomorrow, we’re delivering the EV cable management solutions that customers want and need.

The Future is Electric

Purchasing an EV cable management solution is an essential step to ensuring your EV charging experience is safe, convenient and hassle-free. Armed with the right information, you can make an informed choice when selecting a cable management solution that will enhance your EV charging station experience.

The path toward becoming an EV charger owner and operator starts with foundational EV knowledge guided by a trusted EV charger manufacturer. To learn more about EV charging and Legrand’s comprehensive offering, visit Electric Vehicle Chargers and Accessories │ Legrand

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