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Home Trends for Fall 2022

Get your space ready for the new season with décor trends and easy DIY home projects.

September 09, 2022

While every new season brings an opportunity for transformation, there’s something special about the transition from summer to fall.

Maybe it’s because we never really out-grow the instinctual “back to school” excitement September brings. Or because autumn means our beloved (if also stressful) memory-making holidays are right around the corner. It could even be because Pumpkin Spice is still delicious, no matter how “basic” or over-used it gets.

Regardless, if you find yourself itching to re-vamp your wardrobe, refresh your space and/or renew good habits, you are not alone. And on the home front, we’ve got fall trends and tips to help you get started.

Trend 1: Warm up your Metals

Even if cooler temps might lag a few weeks behind the official start of autumn, the impulse to start making your home look and feel cozier is understandable. And one very on-trend way to achieve this is adding “warmth” via hardware, fixtures and other metallic accents. 

Opting for brass, copper or gold details can go a long way in warming and softening a home’s atmosphere. While cooler metals can sometimes make a space feel sterile or reflect light harshly, the warm-hued alternatives instantly create a gentler mood and glow. From faucets in your powder room, to light fixtures and controls wherever you entertain or relax, it’s a great time to go for gold (as well as brass, copper or bronze).

With multiple switches, dimmers or outlets in every room, swapping the wall plates on these devices to a trending metallic option is a simple and impactful way to include this trend in your home’s autumn update. Made to fit the adorne® Collection’s designer switches and outlets, adorne® Screwless Wall Plates snap easily onto the devices for a quick style upgrade and are available in a multitude of options, including: Brushed Satin Brass, Coffee, Copper, Matte Antique Copper, Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Looking to upgrade your devices first? Explore the adorne Collection.

Trend 2: Go Coastal (Grandmother)

While a trend that first started gaining buzz in the spring, the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic is really hitting its stride this fall.

To start, the trend features a color palette of soft neutrals that pairs perfectly with autumn’s natural lighting and quintessential hues. Secondly, as the days get shorter and therefore darker, décor that uses these sandier shades can literally help brighten your time spent at home. Textiles or paint in beige, tan, taupe, warm whites and ivory – as seen in fine form in any Nancy Meyers film – offer some of the same softening qualities as the warm metallics described above, while also inviting a balance between the sophistication of minimalism and the luxury of comfort.

There’s also so many ways to take inspiration from this aesthetic… 

It can be richly textured, ecru draperies that perfectly frame your views of fall foliage. Or a cushy-and-cream sofa that’s simple not plain, with attention given to a fabric’s feel rather than pattern.  It might be a teakwood coffee table that is as durable as it is beautiful. Or simply a few, stunning decorative pieces that declare, “My home is my oasis!”

Wallpaper has been experiencing a renaissance of its own of late and can be a great way to create a more visually dynamic space while complementing an existing color scheme and dynamic. York Wallcovering’s Laurel Damask Wallpaper in Linen is an ideal option for a room dedicated to the “coastal grandmother” look. Or use an accent wall to pull in ocean hues to play against the neutrals with options like York’s aptly named Beachcomber in Blue.

Trend 3: Love the Curves

Keeping with the previous trends’ motif of selecting décor that is soft, soothing and comforting, curved shapes can help create a perfect autumnal atmosphere in your home too. 

Tap into this trend by simply swapping some square or rectangular throw pillows for rounded or tufted options. Or use a few oval frames to display family photos on the mantel. Go for a circular tray on the coffee table to hold remotes, reading material or decorative accents – or use a circle-topped accent table to show off a vase of gorgeous fall flora. 

Easy DIY Project: Hang a Round Mirror

A detail that can be incorporated into just about any space, rounded mirrors fit this trend with the added air of practicality. At most, you’ll just need a level, hammer and hanging hardware for this project. It might even be as easy as swapping a new mirror for what’s already hanging in your home.

Try updating your existing mirror(s) above the bathroom vanity with a circular option or add an arched floor-length mirror in the primary bedroom. Select one with an interesting frame to serve as art (with a room-expanding effect) above the living room fireplace. Or create a quick-check station for those coming or going with a mirror hung above the console table in your entry way. 

Trend 4: Layer with Intention

Whether you love holiday-centric décor and will be updating the accents in your home to suit each or are looking for something seasonally appropriate that can just be left “as is” from now until 2023, keep your spaces on-trend by combining decorative elements with care. 

One way to do this is to focus on texture. Using a monochromatic or consistent color-family, let variation in size and feel create visual interest. This can mean pairing throw pillows in contrasting fabrics like velvet and linen. Or styling a woven basket beside a smooth ceramic vase.

Another trending way to layer décor is by playing with things both old and new. Try mixing up picture frames around a space with a few antique (or antique-esque) molded metal options interspersed with ones made of natural wood or boasting sleek minimalist style. Or use book stacks of old, cloth-bond classics or traditional art along with modern, abstract, and sculptural pieces for an eclectic effect. 

Easy DIY Project: Style a Shelf

A project that doesn’t require tools (so long as you’ve already got shelves or a mantle to work with) and welcomes as much personalization is you’d like, styling a shelf transforms a space with minimal effort. One thing to remember though is that, when styling a shelf, size does matter. Especially in open spaces or larger rooms, small items, no matter how lovely, tend to appear as clutter as they lose their detail when viewed at a distance. Opt for a selection of a few mid-size to larger pieces, with a buffer of space surrounding them, to keep the visual impact both interesting and clean.

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