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How to Replace an Electrical Outlet

Add style or functionality with a DIY-friendly outlet upgrade – just follow these steps.

November 1, 2021
There are a lot of good reasons to update your outlets: to gain the convenience of USB charging…or even the faster, future-proof charging of USB Type-C; to add safety with superior tamper-resistance or ground-fault protection; to get around easier with built-in night lights; to complement your personal style and carefully curated décor.

Designer outlets from the adorne® and radiant® Collections offer a multitude of options that provide these and other great features…all of which happen to be easy to install.

“How easy?” you might ask.

“Installs in just 15 minutes using tools you already have” easy. Just take a look at the simple steps it takes outlined below:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutter / Wire Stripper
  • Voltage Tester (recommended)
*Note the steps below are generalized for the adorne® standard or plus-sized outlets, as well as all radiant® outlets. For information specific to the adorne® Pop-Out Outlets, click here to download the installation guide. Always be sure to carefully review the installation instructions provided with your device before proceeding. 
  1. When it comes to anything electrical, ALWAYS start by turning off the power. So, shut off the power for the outlet you are replacing at the circuit breaker box and let anyone else in the home know you’ve intentionally cut power – that way they don’t go to flip the breaker back on while you are working.
  2. Next, test the outlet. A voltage tester is a handy tool for this, but if you do not have one on hand, a small appliance like a hair dryer will work too. Just plug it in and confirm the appliance doesn’t turn on. No further action should be taken until you are positive all power to the outlet has been turned off.
  3. Remove the existing outlet’s wall plate and mounting screws and pull it out slightly from the electrical box in the wall so you can access its wiring. If you have a voltage tester, go ahead and double check the wires at this point too…just to be extra sure they aren’t “hot” and it’s safe to proceed.
  4. Identify and label the connected wires: The Hot wire (usually black); the Neutral wire (usually white); and the Ground wire (usually bare copper).
  1. Cut the Hot and Neutral wires to disconnect them from the existing outlet. For the Ground wire, you can opt to remove the wire from its position looped around the terminal screw instead of cutting it. By keeping that looped shape at the end intact, you can make it easier to connect to the new outlet.
  2. Strip the ends of the cut wires to ½” – use the included gauge on the back of the outlet or its strap for easy measuring.
  3. Using the installation instructions provided with your device to confirm placement, attach the stripped wires to the proper terminals on your new outlet.
  4. Once everything is in place, tighten the terminal screws to keep the wiring secured.
  5. Gently fold the wires and place the new outlet into the electrical box. Screw the subframe in place.
  6. Finish the installation of any adorne or radiant dimmer by snapping on its sleek, screwless wall plate.
  7. Once the new outlet is fully installed, turn the power back on at your circuit breaker and test at the outlet to confirm everything is working as it should!
Need more visual guidance before you break out the screwdriver? No worries! Check out great how-to videos for installing an adorne Outlet or a radiant USB Outlet.

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