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Building Network Solutions

Building Network Cable Management Solutions

Legrand has had a strong focus on providing the ultimate in cable management solutions, serving to protect the network cabling to ensure optimal uptime and performance. With it’s introduction in 1994, the Mighty Mo® line of cable management racks has been the benchmark open-frame rack in the industry, providing a solid foundation for the rest of our cable management products. Explore how Legrand can simplify your cable management challenges below:
Discover the newest rack from Legrand, designed to simplify the installation process of new racks and provide the contractor with ultimate flexibility in cable management. The MM6E is perfect for building network environments.
horizontal managers
Explore the wide range of available horizontal managers from Legrand and find one that meets your applications needs, from single-sided to dual-sided managers.
vertical managers
Browse through the wide assortment of vertical managers available from Legrand that help simplify cable dressing within or between racks.
Explore wire and cable management solutions outside of the network room with products designed to conceal, manage, and protect networking, A/V and power cables in your building.

Resources & Downloads

MM6E Product Set Sheet
Discover the detailed cable management features and additional accessories of the Mighty Mo 6E rack by downloading the product set sheet.
MM20 Product Set Sheet
Discover the detailed cable management features, accessories and additional features of the Mighty Mo 20 rack by downloading the product set sheet.
White Solutions Data Sheet
Legrand’s suite of end-to-end, integrated white solutions deliver a brighter approach to structured cabling. Explore all of our solutions available in white by downloading our data sheet.


Mighty Mo 20 Cable Management
The Mighty Mo 20 provides industry leading cable management with a full suit of accessories that make dressing easy. Check out a quick timelapse of it's simple deployment.
Q-Series Rack and Vertical Manager Overview
Explore the standard EIA offering from Legrand, including our Q-Series Rack and our Q-Series Vertical Manager, both perfect for building network applications.
Digital Building Webinar
Watch this segment of our Digital Building Webinar series that reveals the advantages and ROI within the next generation of building technologies.