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4 Tips to Absolutely Thrill Hotel Guests with Power & Charging

4 Tips to Absolutely Thrill Hotel Guests with Power & Charging

Hotel guests don’t travel without mobile devices. It’s reported that 85% of travelers bring their smartphones on leisure trips and 88% bring it on business trips.

After a long day, they’re looking for one thing: a way to recharge (and we’re not talking about the spa). They need to power up their devices, and it better be easy.

Don’t just settle for so-so. Absolutely thrill your hotel guests with these 4 power and charging tips that really go the distance.

Mobile Device Charging

Keep It Close

Power and charging options better be super easy to find and use. Well-located ones can completely change the way someone feels about their entire stay. After all, one of the first things 57% guests do upon entering their room is charge devices - and they shouldn’t be fumbling around trying to do so.
Mobile Device Charging

Stun With Style

You might think electrical and design don’t mix, but you’d be wrong. Instantly elevate your space by choosing gorgeous, stylish power and charging options that not only blend in, but also delight anyone who catches a glimpse of them.
Mobile Device Charging

Forge New Paths

While the guest room is a big focus for power and charging, don’t neglect the rest of the property. Remember that you can add outlets and ports just about anywhere: bars and tabletops, lobbies and seating areas, outdoor lounge areas and more. Guests are eager to fi nd them throughout a hotel and, when they do, they’ll linger for longer. 46% of hotel guests would spend more time at a hotel/motel indoor common area if there was easy access to an outlet for charging.
Mobile Device Charging

Pick Premium

You shouldn’t worry about switches, outlets and USB ports suddenly not working. Choose reliable options from a trustworthy brand to avoid headaches down the road for guests and your staff. 61% of hotel guests notice if switches & outlets function well.

While these details may seem small, they make a huge difference to hotel guests and aren’t too hard to do. With the right power and charging solutions, your hotel can be more than just a roof over their heads. Transform your property into an oasis for tech-savvy travelers with just a few easy power and charging fixes.