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Every outdoor space needs power. Add outdoor power to your plan right from the start. Build an inviting space that people can’t wait to use and avoid unsightly temporary power setups that detract from your design.

Temporary power solutions

Temporary power solutions can ruin your design – and they’re potentially dangerous for both visitors and facility workers.

Outdoor Power

Permanent outdoor power can blend in seamlessly with the landscape while delivering the connections that people need to plug in equipment or devices and keep things running smoothly.

Change your thinking. Design a space with charging in mind.

Attract people to outdoor spaces with convenient charging that maximizes guest engagement and productivity. Enhance your space with Outdoor Charging Stations so users can easily plug in, recharge and connect. Choose your combination of traditional power outlets and USB charging ports with optional accent or area lighting. Elegant, sleek and available in three standard finishes or custom colors.
Outdoor Power
Outdoor Charging Station
Solar charging kit image mobile
Solar Charging Kit

Hidden in-ground power that blends in. Say goodbye to unattractive options.

Tread new ground. Offer the power that’s required for many outdoor commercial spaces, such as event power, with a flush design that blends right into the existing landscape. The Outdoor Ground Box is also UL Listed while-in-use, safe all year round and can handle heavy loads from groundskeeping equipment. Provide safe, permanent power that’s easy to use. Available in three natural finishes.
Ground Box
Outdoor Ground Box
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