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Outdoor Charging Stations

Regional School District No. 7 of Winsted, CT Case Study

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Students flock to new outdoor charging stations

There are two major trends in K-12 education right now:

  1. The adoption of mobile technology (like smartphones and tablets)
  2. Outdoor spaces throughout a campus for rest, relaxation and play

More students are learning on mobile devices in class, and some are even allowed to use their phones during the day.

Since we’ve transitioned to a mostly indoor species, the benefits of time outside have not been lost on educators. New outdoor courtyards allow teachers to incorporate outdoor activities into lesson plans and give students a place to take a break from the rigors of schoolwork.

THE NEED: A device-friendly environment

In Winsted, Connecticut, the Regional School District No. 7 lets middle and high school students use smartphones during the day for both educational and social reasons. They also have outdoor courtyards.

This cell phone policy may be a little unusual, as most school districts have restrictions on personal use. But Winsted students can use their phones to look up information during class and for web-based assignments. They’re also allowed to use them for personal reasons during breaks.

“We were early adopters of allowing students to use their phones. Initially, some staff members were a bit apprehensive, but that was short-lived. That speaks volumes about our culture.” – Judy Palmer, district superintendent.

THE CHALLENGE: A place to recharge

If students are encouraged to use personal devices, they need to charge them. District officials realized that adding charging infrastructure to the courtyards outside could not only meet that need, but also inspire more students to head outdoors.

“We have some areas to charge devices inside of the building, but there was nothing outside. We wanted students to have that option. If their devices aren’t charged, they can’t use them for classroom activities.” – Judy Palmer

THE SOLUTION: Outdoor Charging Stations by Legrand

After looking closely at several options, the school board and administrators chose Legrand’s Outdoor Charging Stations as the solution. They installed four total, two in the high school courtyard and two in the middle school courtyard.

The Outdoor Charging Stations were ideal for this project, and the students couldn’t be happier. To hear their reactions and learn more about this project, watch our video.

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