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Robust And Agile With Faster Deployment Time

The T-Series cabinet platform is ideal for high-density applications that require an extremely robust and durable enclosure solution. T-Series is built on a fully welded, tubular steel frame that offers a 4,000 static and 3,500 dynamic load rating, making it ideal for "Rack and Stack" applications in which cabinets are loaded with equipment off-site and rolled into place fully configured. 

T-Series Platform Benefits:
  • ​​​Flexible – Offering a wide range of sizes to meet any environment
  • Rack and Stack Ready – Cabinets can be pre-loaded and shipped fully configured
  • Longevity and Strength – Provides a static load rating of 4,000 lbs 
  • Future-Proof – Containment ready with a vendor-agnostic build

Tubular Steel Frame

The fully welded, tubular 1" steel frame delivers rigidity and strength with a UL listed static load rating of 4,000 pounds. A dynamic load rating of 3,500 pounds provides a robust and versatile platform that can be outfitted to meet even the most demanding applications.

Cabinet And Airflow Accessories

The T-Series cabinet offers a wide variety of airflow and cable management accessories that may be factory configured to your exact specifications or shipped separately for field installation. Providing different installation options gives users more flexibility, reducing deployment time.

Top Panel

The T-Series cabinet offers a top panel design to accommodate cable access from front, center, and rear portals. All cable openings are designed to protect data and power cables from sharp edges, while "self-filling" voids to prevent bypass airflow. The waterfall transition accessories are available to help manage the copper/fiber bend radius. Extra-large openings are available to accommodate high amperage, pin and sleeve style power connectors from 30A to 125A and support high-density copper and fiber connectivity.

Thermal Management

Airflow integrity starts with the T-Series frame, which is fully welded steel. Unlike bolt together or spot-welded designs, fully welded steel construction prevents airflow leakage and improves efficiency. T-Series can be fitted with bottom airflow skirts to prevent bypass air from moving underneath the cabinet. Airflow "blanking" accessories are offered to block air leakage around installed equipment or in empty RU spaces.


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