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Swing-Out Wall-Mount (SWM) Cabinets and Vertical Wall-Mount (VWM) Cabinets.

The VWM and SWM series of wall-mount network cabinets from Legrand are perfect for edge computing applications. Both cabinets are ideal for environments where floor space is at a premium, or only a small amount of networking or IT equipment is needed.

The Vertical Wall-Mount (VWM) series features a new vertical angle for mounting networking and IT equipment that helps to reduce the overall footprint of cabinet off the wall. With up to 8RU of space, the VWM is perfect for smaller edge installations that require a more distributed topology.

The Swing-Out Wall-Mount (SWM) series is a refined take on a more traditional wall-mount network cabinet with a swing-out design that allows easy access to networking terminations or the back of mounted equipment. With up to 26RU of available space, the SWM series features enough space to meet the needs of most small networks, including retail, education, and small offices.

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