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Maximum Connectivity – Maximum Access

The Infinium Access UHD+ Enclosure offers maximum access and visibility to install, manage and maintain the extreme density of 288 fibers all within 1 RU. Infinium Access utilizes a patented enclosure drawer release, spring-loaded top cover, access cutouts, and cable management in the front and rear of the enclosure, all while employing industry-leading acclAIM connectivity.
Access Faster

Infinium Access comes pre-assembled and requires no additional setup or labor, only to be mounted.

Access More

The Access drawer slides forward up to 10 inches, clearing the plane of equipment, while protecting delicate breakout cables and jumpers. Pressing the red buttons at the same time, raises the spring loaded flip-up cover and drops the front door automatically. The flip-up cover also provides ample space for labeling all 288 fibers.

Access Above

The open enclosure ceiling, the flip-up cover, and drawer extension allows a tech the maximum access to the front and rear connectors from above.

Access Below

The enclosure floor is open in strategic locations. With the enclosure extended, the open floor gives even more access to the front and rear connectors from below. This innovative design also maximizes finger room and connector dexterity.

Access Density

Maximum Fibers per Rack Unit: 288
Maximum VSFF (MDC) Connectors per Rack Unit:144
Maximum acclAIM Connectors per Rack Unit: 36

Access acclAIM Connectivity

Minimize loss, longer lifecycle, simplify design, reduce labor.

Access Earth Conscience

Infinium Access has been thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact. The packaging has been minimized, utilizing a single insert with a compostable kit bag, and all of which are curb side recyclable. Strategically sourced components and 8.5 mile transport from manufacturing to our warehouse reduces emissions an estimated 87 percent.