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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Nuvo App URL
Scheme on iOS Devices

A great feature to know about is the Nuvo Player App URL (nuvoplayer://). This type of URL is common for many apps and can be used to launch a specific app from within a different app.

Implementing the URL Back Button

The advantage of the Nuvo Player Portfolio System URL scheme for iOS devices is the implementation of a back button on the app's zone dashboard. The user can seamlessly launch the Nuvo app from the automation control app and, using the back button, just as seamlessly return to the original app.

Implementing the URL and back button feature is easily done. Note that this only applies to iOS devices since Android phones and tablets have a back button on the device.

       1. Find out if the automation company you are working with has activated a URL scheme for launching their app. You will need this to complete the back function.
   2. Embed the Nuvo URL, nuvoplayer://?returnTo=XXXXXX, with X being the appropriate return URL, in the automation company's programming button being used to launch the Nuvo app
   3. Some apps will require a specific landing page URL. This will vary from control company to company. In most cases this will require that the return landing page URL is encoded into ASCII hexadecimal format, since a URL scheme cannot have two // references. Here is an example using the Bitwise app implementation. To reference a specific Bitwise landing page for the return URL you need to enter nuvoplayer://?returnTo=bwtouch://A_HOME_L. The presence of the second // will not allow this URL to work. The solution is easy. Use, an online conversion tool to encode bwtouch://A_HOME_L. The result will bebwtouch%3A%2F%2FA_HOME_L.
   4. To make the back button fully functional for the above reference, you must enter the entire return URL, which would be nuvoplayer://?returnTo=bwtouch%3A%2F%2FA_HOME_L.
   5. When this is active, the button from the automation control with the Nuvo URL in the above step will launch the Nuvo app. When the Nuvo app is launched, a back button will be present in the upper left corner of the Dashboard. The Nuvo app will return to the control app that launched it. The back button will only appear when the Nuvo app is launched from the configured 3rd party app.
Nuvo App URL Scheme - troubleshooting