COVID-19 Update
A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.

Nuvo Troubleshooting

"Not Connected"
Control App Screen

When the Control device looses connection with the Nuvo Player Portfolio System, It will go to a "Not Connected" screen.



       1. Make sure your control device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, etc.) is connected to the correct network. The device may be associated with another network within range, this is often the case.  Switch it back to the correct network and open the control app again.
  2. Make sure that the players in the system are powered on and have a solid "white" LED on the front panel.
  3. Force close the app (see iOS or Android), and then re-launch the app.
  4. If the player has gone offline, the front panel LED will flash red. Often this is a momentary state and will return to a solid white state. If it does not, try simply rebooting the zone by turning the zone off and back on. It should boot back up with a solid white LED.
  5. Reboot the home's router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This can easily repair a locked up router.