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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Control Device
Can't Discover

When a controller for the system cannot connect to the zones, and the easier more obvious solutions have been tried, ie. making sure the control device is on the same network as the system, the actual source of the issue could be at a deeper network level.


The control app goes to the "not connected" screen, or if you are attempting to do the "Advanced" setup with players wired to the network, and the controller will not connect to the zones, this could be a deeper issue.


The zones require UPnP and Multicasting to discover each other across the network.

  • 1. The first part of communication is UPnP and this requires that the gateway obtain and IP address from the Network's DHCP server. You can check for this by typing the network routers default gateway IP address into a browser and opening the routers configuration utility. Generally you will see the DHCP table in the basic setup page. Look there for the Nuvo Gateway. If it does not appear, the solution could be as simple as a new cable between the router and the Gateway, or try rebooting the router. This will often fix a communication issue with the DHCP server.
  • 2. If the Gateway has an IP address the issue could be with UPnP discovery. A great downloadable utility for UPnP is Device Spy for PC's, , or Cling Workbench of Mac users, These will search the network for UPnP devices. The Nuvo Gateway and zones should appear in this utility. If they do not, UPnP is not communicating. Check the router settings for UPnP. If it is disabled, this can impede our products from working. If the network is relying on an older G router, UPnP may not be enabled. In this case, going to a new 802.11N router is highly recommended.
Device Cannot Discover Zones - Nuvo Troubleshooting
  • 3. Another communication issue could be a lack of Mulitcasiting. This will prevent the Nuvo Wireless Audio System from communicating with each of the zones in the system. If the network is using a combo modem/wireless router provided by the cable company, this could be a setting mismatch. Look in the router's configuration utility for Multicasting or IGMP Proxy. If this is disabled, try enabling it. If it is enabled, try disabling it.
  • 4. Is the network using VLANs? These would be setup on a more advanced managed network switch to optimize network traffic across multiple virtual networks. All of the components of the Nuvo Wireless Audio System must be on the same VLAN or "broadcast domain". This situation is easily corrected by the network administrator