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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Missing iTunes
Library Content


When a share is created with an iTunes library only some or perhaps none of the music files appear in the app library of the Nuvo Player Portfolio System.


This is typically caused by adding content to a library by association with the iTunes Media folder as opposed to copying the files to the folder. iTunes handles library content in a very specific way. When CDs are ripped using iTunes 9 as the default location or if music is downloaded to the library from the iTunes Store, Apple will place the content in a specific directory: Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music. It does this as a data management structure. As part of this, there are important database management files that organize the folder content so music systems like ours can read the files. iTunes allows files to be added to a library by dragging and dropping them from another location or going to File within iTunes and selecting music through the "Add to library" function. iTunes will reference these files, but not organize them within the iTunes music database files. This prevents the Nuvo Wireless Audio System from being able to reference those files.

There are some easy steps to correct this situation and allow the missing files to be referenced by the Nuvo Wireless Audio System.

        1. If you are using iTunes 9, open iTunes and selectFile/Library/Organize Library. Check Consolidate files. This will create copies of the associated files in the iTunes Media folder. When this is complete, the Nuvo Player Portfolio System will rescan the library and add the newly copied files to its library database.

  2. If you are coming from a previous version of iTunes (prior to 9), you need to upgrade to the new iTunes Media folder structure which includes folders for other applications such as movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audio books. This is easily done by also checking Reorganize files in the folder "iTunes Media."
  3. To keep the iTunes library organized, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced Preferences and check Keep iTunes Media folder organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library. This will keep the iTunes database up to date for any future additions to the library.