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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Music Share Software Can't Connect

The Music Share software is downloaded, but when is opened, it will not connect to the Player Portfolio System.


When the software is launched on a computer, the initial share screen does not actually connect with any of the zones set up on the system. If the software is connecting correctly, it will appear as an empty share screen, or with any current shares displayed.


The inability of the Music Share software to connect with the zones is symptomatic of the same issues as with the controller not being able to connect. If this situation occurs, here are some simple troubleshooting steps to correct it.

       1. Make sure the zones of the system are powered on and booted up with a solid white LED.
  2. Check the computer's network connection. It must be connected to the same network as the zones and Gateway of the system.
  3. Remember the zones (at least one) must be configured and on the network for the Music Share software to connect.
  4. Try turning off the computer's firewall. If that allows the software to connect, than it is an issue with the firewall settings.
  5. If the computer and the system's zones are on a managed network, they must both be on the same virtual network broadcast domain for the all the components to communicate with each other.