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Nuvo Troubleshooting

Player Portfolio
System Diagnostics

The Player Portfolio System has the ability to drill into a firmware page that exists within each of the zone players. This page houses specific diagnostic tools that can be very useful for troubleshooting.

System Diagnostics Tools:

There are several tools to look at within the System Diagnostics. Three of them are specifically highlighted here as being especially useful to troubleshooting network and zone communication issues.

To get to the site, open a browser and type the zone's IP address into the address pane and /diagnostics.fcgi, ie. This will open the diagnostic window.


System Diagnostics - Nuvo Troubleshooting

       1. "iwconfig" is a snapshot of the zones performance. Look at the line beginning with Link Quality. 100/100 is the best possible quality. You will also see a "Signal level" and "Noise level" dB measurement. There needs to be a measurable difference between the two. The signal level needs to be a number closer to 0 than the noise level.
  2. "iwpriv ra0 get_site_survey" is a great snapshot of network traffic the zone is seeing. The left column "CH" will display either 2.4 or 5 GHz channels the zone sees. If there are multiple 2.4 GHz networks broadcasting on channels 1, 6, and 11, then switching to 5 GHz may dramatically improve the zone's performance. You will see columns with the SSID, mac address, security, and signal level. This is a very useful view for determining the level of competition to any zone in the system.
  3. "iperf" is a wonderful live throughput test for each of the zones in the system. When you click on the "iperf" button, it launches the test. When the test is completed you will see the results as green, yellow, or red. Red zones are an issue. They indicate the minimum 10 Mbits/sec throughput is not available. Red zones need to be switched to 5 GHz, placed on a wire and allowed to operate over Ethernet, or moved closer to the system Gateway. You may also consider adding an additional Gateway to the system. Since the iperf test is a momentary snapshot, it is a good idea to run the test multiple times to get a more accurate picture of overall performance.